December 08, 2017

So you have decided to try out online dating and joined the dating website. Of course, the most important thing for interaction is sending an e-mail or a chat message. But what are the secrets that help your message to be noticed among loads of other messages and be replied to? Below are some tips how to make your messages or instant casual chats stand out.

1) Winking or attempts to intrigue won’t do. Send a text message or instant chat message

There is an option on many dating sites which gives you the possibility to show out our interest without the necessity to contact the person directly. Do not think this way to approach the member you fancy is good. Don’t wait for the person to make the first move after your vague affection signs, as he or she more likely won’t. 

2) Make your message casual and short.

This advice is rather for men. As the experience shows, the attractive girls are usually bombarded with e-mails and instant chats, and not more than several seconds is taken to look through the message before the decision is taken whether to continue reading it or not. So do not waffle and beat around the bush, make your message concise. 

Keep in mind that your message is not for a job application and thus it does not have to stick to the certain format. Try to sound delicate and amicable, but casual. 

3) The phrases like “You’re so cute” are a bad start

Do not try to sound flattering, as most women do not like to be treated like this. Vey often such “compliments” make you seem a shallow person in the eye of the ladies. What is more, if the lady is really attractive, they have received lots of similar messages from the guys that cannot boast of creativity and originality. This will not help your message stand out in any way. Begin with anything else, tell her that she’s cute when you have a video chat or have a date in person. 

4) Don’t send an autobiography 

Some guys tend to tell as much as possible about themselves in the first message. That’s totally wrong. First of all such messages are long (which fractures the rule#2) and boring. Secondly, when it is all about you, how she will understand why you are interested in her. More likely she will not bother to respond.

5) Have a look at the profile before sending a message

Always make it clear that you fancy exactly this person. General words will make an impression that you are sending the same wording to anyone looking attractive. Take a time to examine the person’s profile, take a notice of something special or unusual and use this information in your message. This will prove that you are really interested.

6) Do not forget of sense of humor

If your message makes the person laugh, that’s the half of the battle. Very often the sense of humor is considered to be the mark of intelligence. Everyone wants to date someone smart! 

7) Leave something to respond to.

Asking a question or cracking a joke will get your foot in the door, your interlocutor will get the ground for sending a reply. Always consider if your message or instant chat arises a desire to reply to it.