December 08, 2017

When talking about online dating, nice profiles always catch more attention. In the era of spoiled users, one needs to know how to present the “about myself” information on dating sites to make it the clearest and captivating for those who read it. To make your life easier, we’ve found out five ways how to make your online profile authentic, fantastic and impossible to look away.

Concentrate on who you are

The narrative part of the profile on an online dating site is aimed to make your potential match know who you are. In the following lines you will see how this description part should look like to give you what you might expect from online dating services: “I’m an athletic professional gay/lesbian who is looking for a partner for adventures and great time spending. My hobbies are swimming, jogging, traveling, and spending my free time outside”. Now see the difference in the next example of profile information which is focused not on the user’s personality but on what he or she expects to see in the future partner: “I’m looking for a guy/girl who is ready for serious relationship. If you are a player, please, don’t contact me. I like independent people like me, with their own interests and aspirations”. What we see in the last example is that the reader will learn nothing about your personality. Keep in mind that other people click on your profile to learn about you and not about the things you don’t want to see in someone else. 

Stay positive

Go into things you like about life, yourself and others. Don’t get too negative in your profile saying what you don’t like because it can create an impression that you don’t want to be on that online dating site at all. You will only show yourself as a shutdown person which might only repulse the readers of your profile. Instead, try to focus on positive things like it’s written in this example: “I enjoy the company of open-minded men/women who can freely talk about their feelings”. Compare the last sentence to the following and note what impression the words give, though the idea is the same in both examples: “I don’t want to be with men/women who are bad communicators and who are afraid to express their feelings. Please, don’t be afraid to say you are sorry”. Remember that words matter. You have to catch the reader’s attention in a very short time. So, keep your profile positive if you want to meet people you like and not people you avoid. 

Stay honest

It may sound obvious, but giving true information and posting real photos is really important on dating sources. A lot of people like to tell fibs and stretch the truth a bit. As a result, their online dating profiles become completely unauthentic. We all know that these little fibs will be revealed one day, so why not to stay honest if you want to attract someone to have a good long-term relationship with? For instance, you can post a picture of yourself 5 years ago and, let’s say, 10 pictures that depict you enjoying the things you like.   

Leave personal stuff to yourself

The main part of staying authentic is staying honest and true to yourself but considering suitable boundaries of online dating. You can stay absolutely honest while filling out your profile without sharing too much. Your past damaging relationships or your egoistic ex aren’t the subjects people should know. Take a look at this example to see how you can describe yourself without giving gloomy extra information: “I want to find a man/woman to start a relationship based on love and support, even though I’ve just ended my relationship. So, I would like to get to know my potential partner first”.  And now see the example where the person is over-sharing: “I’ve just ended a bad relationship and I don’t want to jump into anything like that once again”. This example demonstrates two negative features: first, the person concentrates on what he or she doesn’t want, and then the phrases “bad relationship” and “jump into anything like that once again” are over-sharing.   

Mind your grammar

Your perfect grammar doesn’t necessarily mean it will attract the man/woman of your dreams, but keeping basic grammar rules in mind will definitely make your profile look much nicer. Of course, grammatical errors don’t define your personality, but they can really distract a person who is reading your profile and make him or her stop reviewing it after 5 minutes. We know that you don’t want to take such risk, so here are the things for you to remember: focus on your personality, make your words sound positive, be honest, forget over-sharing, and check your spelling. That’s how you will most likely attract your potential partner.