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This site is an entertaining dating platform that is used by singles to meet like-minded individuals. Having been sufficiently tested in online operation, it is an approved website that is able to meet everyone's expectations however specific or unusual those might be. No matter what sort of an arrangement you are interested in – casual meetings with no obligations or a committed relationship – you will be able to find the kind of a partner you want. The customer support is readily available to those of you who might experience difficulties using the website. In case you are not sure that you need a partner at this stage at all, there is plenty of other things to do here – you can chat or exchange images with other users. The site is proud of their secure and reliable messaging system that keeps your conversations anonymous, so that you may not disclose who you really are unless you find it necessary.

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The site boasts numerous unique features that will ensure an exciting and vibrant online dating experience. First of all, it is fully smartphone and tablet compatible via the mobile version of the site which is extremely straightforward and easy to navigate. Secondly, your conversations are stored in a separate tab allowing you to receive messages and reply from anywhere on the site. Thirdly, you can access an abundance of intimate pictures and video clips in the thousands of randy profiles on the site. These profiles can be ranked based on your experience with them, but they also may be put on safety mode by their owners, which disables the rating option. The site is powered by simple, yet highly functional software, which allows such great features as the flirt center that can be found in your CFB home. Use this platform to send personal messages and interact with other members. 


The search feature on the site allows users to look for specific items or pages on the website. The user-friendly interface is easy to follow, allowing you to view a list of all male and female members that are online at any given time when you login. Most users prefer to search by their intimate tastes and gender, but there is also an option to find partners based on geographical location, age, and availability of photos. You can even specify the types of users that you are interested. 

Sign-up Process

To sign-up you need to enter your e-mail address, your preferred username (subject to availability) and password. After you have confirmed your e-mail address through an automated e-mail, you can start entering your personal details, including your body type, smoking habits, attitude towards drinking, age, and intimate tastes. You can then write a short paragraph describing who you are, what you like to do, and what you are looking for on this site.

Membership Prices

The site offers newbies a free trial period, giving you the opportunity to test the site and make up your mind about whether it suits your needs before actually paying a fee. It goes without saying though that the free trial does not give you full access to all the features of the website, these are only available to general subscribers. Upon expiration of the free trial period, members may choose from three subscription options. The most basic of these is the Quick Dates Trial Subscription, which gives you access to the website for 24 hours and costs $1. The most popular package is the Best Value Annual Subscription, that comes at a price of $9.99 monthly. The ultimate monthly package, which gives you access to all of the website's features, is priced at $29.99 per month. Keep an eye out though, as the site announces special offers and deals on a regular basis. 

Brand Quality, Member Security & Site Safety

It is a remarkably user-friendly website that uses simple, yet functional software and is presented via straightforward menus throughout the site. The website asks members the carefully considered questions on their personal pages, which enables them to bring out their personality and increase their chances of matching with a suitable partner.
Member security is a top priority here. Hence, the website offers numerous useful privacy settings to ensure the confidentiality of its users’ information. There is also a ‘safe mode’ that allows users even more privacy. This lets users choose to display their profile only after granting permission to an interested browser. If you experience any nuisance or harassment from an individual on the site, you can block and report him or her to the website's moderators who work constantly to ensure your pleasant experience with the website remains uninterrupted. 

Bottom Line

This online spot is a very popular dating platform that has attracted thousands of users from many backgrounds and lifestyles. This means that your chances of finding exactly what you want are high and your experience here is guaranteed to be pleasant, secure and rewarding.